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2011-01-01 23:31:35 by 511640

i made a game but i can't post it because it isn't flash. but here is the code if you want to try it out

<div align="center"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=" p?s=d001m88h" id="splodergame" base="" width="640" height="480" wmode="transparent" salign="tl" scale="noscale" ></embed><br />Make Your Own Game for Free!</div>


2010-04-24 21:51:15 by 511640

YEA GONNA MAKE MY FIRST ART COLLAB!!!!!!!!YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-04-05 17:51:12 by 511640

i am pleased to inform you that there will be another submission on april 30th. it will be drawn on ms paint like all the other drawings. i enjoy creating art for ng yay well i guess thats it. bye?


2010-03-27 21:37:29 by 511640

i hate it when people judge people before they know whats going on. they make rash decisions. i really want to rip their head of. and thats exactly what kind of a person my friend is.


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